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Only God is Worthy of Praise - (07/02/06)

Text: Psalm 33
- The Psalm starts with an invitation to praise the LORD. (1-3)
A) From the start it shows at least 4 reasons for us to praise the LORD. (4-5)

01. Praise him for his word.

The prophet Ezekiel ate the word of the LORD which had the taste of honey.
Jesus says in Luke 4 “Man does not live on bread alone, but the whole Word”
The Word of the LORD came to Gideon: “The LORD is with you, mighty warrior.”
The Centurion in Luke 7 says: “But say the word, and my servant will be healed.”
Jesus says to Jairus: “Do not fear, just believe.”
Philippians 4:6 : “Do not be anxious about anything...” The WORD that the LORD gave me.

02. Praise HIM for his fidelity

II Timothy 2:13. He will remain faithful. Does not change.
Perhaps we do not fear the LORD enough, that is why we are unfaithful.

03. Praise HIM for HE is just.

What does it mean to be just? To give each of us what we truly deserve. 
Human justice is flawed. Divine justice is perfect. 
04. Praise HIM for his kindness.

Psalm 23 says that “GOD’S kindness accompany me.”
Nahum 1:7 says: “The LORD is good....”

B) The Psalm shows the GOD of creation. (6-9)

- Genesis 1, everything starts to exist from the word of the LORD. 
- Scientists confirm, is more difficult to believe in what the Bible says than what science says. 
- Look at the complexity of the evolution theory.

C) The Psalm shows the GOD of history. (10-15) 
- GOD blesses and punishes.
- It may not appear so however, HE controls the nations.

D) The Psalm shows the GOD who possess all leaders in HIS hands. (verse 16-17)
We think of the great world leaders as the limit of all authority. 
Matthew 24 and 25 says that one day they will kneel to GOD almighty.

E) The Psalm shows my GOD, a person GOD...( verse 18-19) 
The poetry which describes GOD in Psalms is marvelous. 
Starts in the creation, then the nations, then the leaders, then reaches my heart.


- We can expect him and rejoice on HIM.
- For only HE is worthy of praise.


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